Simson Bicycle Bell Fredog Fantasie
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Simson Bicycle Bell Fredog Fantasie

^ In : Frog
^ Colour: Green
^ Brand/Label : Simson
^ Colour Specific: Green / Black
^ Type/Design : N/A
^ - Slimme Klant Weet: Hollandbikeshop.Com Is Beter!
Simson Brand : Simson
Children's Bicycle Bell Label : Children's Bicycle Bell
Simson Bicycle Bell Fredog Fantasie Type : Simson Bicycle Bell
Simson Bicycle Bell Fredog Fantasie EAN code : 8711646201554

Simson is back and and how! Simson is now able to offer customers a complete range of products covering bicycle components and accessories under a strong name. Naturally, Simson’s nostalgic puncture kits are still available – but now there’s more, much more.

Rema Tip Top gave Simson a second live. Simson’s famous puncture kit has been a classic for over 125 yeas, but today’s consumer wants more. And that’s why Rema Tip Top Nederland offers a complete range of products under a familiar name, ranging from bicycle lights, locks, tools, components, accessories and puncture kits.

The name is Simson. The quality is as ever, the appearance is modern and contemporary.

Simson now offers next to the puncture kits: bicycle pumps, lights, locks, stands, brake wires, dynamos, pedals and many more accessories.

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