Cateye Front Light Helmet Mount Hl-El460rc / Volt300
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Cateye Front Light Helmet Mount Hl-El460rc / Volt300

CatEye Product Description
CatEye Brand : CatEye
CatEye Headlight Parts Label : CatEye Headlight Parts
Cateye Front Light Helmet Mount Hl-El460rc / Volt300 Type : Cateye Front Light
Cateye Front Light Helmet Mount Hl-El460rc / Volt300 EAN code : 4990173023776

Brand: Cateye
Group: Front Light Part
Type: Hl-El460rc / Volt300
Category: 534-1831N
Specifications: Helmet Mounting
Colour: Black

Cateye is a leading manufacturer of cycle computers, bike lights, reflectors, bottle holders, bike rear view mirrors and safety lights for cyclists all around the world. The company was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1954.

Cateye was first to introduce a flickering light for bicycles in 1964, which was followed up by the introduction of the first battery-powered front light in 1982 and the first white LED front light in 2001. Cateye is a true pioneer in the field lens and reflector technology. The Opticube lense and reflector allow the production of the brightest and most efficient LED headlight.

The first cycle computers were launched by Cateye in 1981. These days, Cateye offers a whole range of cycle computers: one for every kind of cyclist. Always looking to innovate, Cateye was one of the first manufacturers of cycle computers to integrate an altimeter, heart rate and cadence in its products.

Cateye runs two factories in Japan and one in China from its main office in Osaka, Japan. It is an ISO certified manufacturer.

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