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Tektro Brake Pad Set V-Brake With Pin

USP Hollandbikeshop

Tektro Brake Pad Set V-Brake With Pin

Product Model:105391
EAN Code 4717592000757
€ 3,80
€ 3,50
8% Discount
In Stock +/- 2 Working Days

Comes as a pair.

Tektro Product Description
Tektro Brand : Tektro
Cantilever Brake Pads Label : Cantilever Brake Pads
Tektro Brake Pad Set V-Brake With Pin Type : Tektro Brake Pad
Tektro Brake Pad Set V-Brake With Pin EAN Code : 4717592000757

Attachment : Pin
Brand/Label : Tektro
Type Brake Pad : V-Brake
Type/Design : N/A

For over 20 years, Tektro has been an innovational expert in the development of very advanced high-tech brake systems for the cycling industry. Tektro’s functional bicycle components and accessories provide optimised braking performance.

Tektro brakes have been designed to achieve superior performances and to be durable. This is done using a range of advanced manufacturing techniques, accurate finishing and stringent quality checks. Tektro’s use of materials such as carbon, titanium and TT6 aluminium raises the bar for the market of light-weight, accurate brakes and brake control systems.

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