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Shimano Disc Brake Deore BR-M615 / BL-M615 Front Black

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Shimano Disc Brake Deore BR-M615 / BL-M615 Front Black

Product Model:206467
EAN Code 4524667329831
€ 89,95
€ 63,95
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Disc brake, brake hose 1000 mm, left lever vendor item number E-M615LFPRA100

Shimano Product Description
Shimano Brand : Shimano
MTB Disc Brake Set Front Label : MTB Disc Brake Set Front
Shimano Disc Brake Deore BR-M615 / BL-M615 Front Black Type : Shimano Disc Brake
Shimano Disc Brake Deore BR-M615 / BL-M615 Front Black EAN Code : 4524667329831


The first product manufactured by Shimano was the bicycle freewheel, which became the first product to be exported in 1931. From the mid-1950s, Shimano expanded production to a derailleur and a 3-gear hub. 1960 saw the introduction of the cold-forging method in the production process, which was to become a vital process for the company, ensuring to the top-class quality of Shimano components.

Export figures grew exponentially and in 1965 and 1972 Shimano America and respectively Shimano Europe were set up. In addition, the first factories outside Japan were established in Singapore. In 1973, the first complete Dura Ace group was born and Shimano Inc. became a stock market listed company.

The introduction of the mountain bike and the leading role the company played at its evolution, led to ever increasing growth for Shimano Inc. in the 80s. Then in 1984, Shimano turned the market for racing bicycles upside down with the introduction of indexed shifting (SIS), doing the same in 1990 with STI, integrated braking and shifting.

Shimano Benelux is the official distributor of Shimano bicycle components and accessories for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. The company is a subsidiary of Shimano Inc. which was set up by Shozabuto Shimano is Osaka in 1921. Where the main office still is situated.

In addition, the Benelux subsidiary also represents 18 other top-class brands in the bicycle business. Some 80 people currently work at Shimano Benelux.

Shimano Benelux wants to be an excellent supplier for her customers, by offering parts and accessories of top quality. In addition it aims to contribute to the health and happiness of society through the recreational and sportive nature of its products.

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