Magura Brake Drive Switch E-Bike

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Magura Brake Drive Switch E-Bike

Product Model:146942
EAN Code 4055184005156
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Give a singal to the engine to switch of as soon as the brakes are being used.

Magura Product Description
Magura Brand : Magura
Magura Parts Label : Magura Parts
Magura Brake Drive Switch E-Bike Type : Magura Brake Drive
Magura Brake Drive Switch E-Bike EAN Code : 4055184005156

Magura supplies bicycle parts of the highest quality, like: forks, brake sets, hydraulic brake systems, disc brakes, mechanical brakes, brake pads, brake discs and everything in the field of brakes and hydraulics for bicycles.

Magura has an extensive history on the fields of mechanics, hydraulics and synthetic manufacturing methods which was efficiently was supplemented with in-depth knowledge in the area of electronics. The company’s consistent client oriented commitment, innovative spirit, dynamic character and heightened sense of quality and service, as well as being an organisation that is determined to be successful, has all contributed to its products being the very best in the area of bicycle parts.

The quality of Magura products is legendary and the company’s products have been lauded in journals and in the press by both consumers and professional teams for many years. German consumers are notoriously demanding (if their cars are any indicator...) and they make no exception for bicycle parts. Ever since 1988, every year more than 20.000 readers of the German Bike Magazine have voted Magura as the Best Brand in the Brakes category.

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