Campagnolo Bottom Bracket Cups Power Torque Bsa Black

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Campagnolo Bottom Bracket Cups Power Torque Bsa Black

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For Campagnolo cranks utilizing the Power Torque System (PTS), integrated drive-side bottom bracket spindle system and EPS components
Drive side bearings are installed and included with crankset. The non-drive side bearings are installed and included with the bottom bracket cups. These are the threaded crank/bearing-to-frame interface cups
Choose Centaur for Athena, Centaur and Veloce PTS cranks or CX for CX PTS cranks
Wide-stance, outboard design: 49g

Campagnolo Product Description
Campagnolo Brand : Campagnolo
Campagnolo Bracket Adapter Label : Campagnolo Bracket Adapter
Campagnolo Bottom Bracket Cups Power Torque Bsa Black Type : Campagnolo Bottom Bracket
Campagnolo Bottom Bracket Cups Power Torque Bsa Black EAN Code : 8004995868951

Campagnolo is an Italian manufacturer of bike parts. The company was founded by Tullio Campagnolo in 1933 and is now firmly established as one of the most prestigious manufacturers of bicycle parts in the world.

Campagnolo mainly manufactures group sets for bicycles, such as hubs or axles, cassettes, chains, derailleurs, crank sets, crankshafts, pedals, brakes, brake and gear shifters, steering heads. These days Campagnolo manufactures exclusively produces group sets for racing bikes. In addition, Campagnolo also sells wheels for racing bikes and cycling clothing and manufactures specially designed cycle computers for its groupsets. On top of that, Campagnolo also manufactures the special Pista group set, specifically for track cycling. The range consists of hubs, crank sets with spindles and a crankshaft, a fixed gear ring for the rear wheel and the steer head.

Campagnolo’s largest competitor in the field of parts for racing bikes in the Japanese company Shimano. Unlike Campagnolo, Shimano also manufactures group sets for mountain bikes and ordinary bikes. In 1995, Campagnolo halted production of mountain bike parts. The company now also faces competition from the relatively new American brand SRAM, which produces parts for both mountain bikes and racing bikes. Former competitors like SunTour and Mavic shifted the focus of their operations to other segments of the industry.

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