Avid Brake Lever Elixir 5 White

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Avid Brake Lever Elixir 5 White

Product Model:128844
EAN Code 710845626357
€ 53,68
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AVID Disc Brake "Elixir 5" from mod. 13 and "VIA GT" Lever

compl. lever, white
part number: 9
Original number: 11.5018.004.000

Avid Product Description
Avid Brand : Avid
Avid Disc Brake Lever Label : Avid Disc Brake Lever
Avid Brake Lever Elixir 5 White Type : Avid Brake Lever
Avid Brake Lever Elixir 5 White EAN Code : 710845626357


Avid offers a broad range of parts: hydraulic disc brakes, mechanical disc brakes, brake levers, brake sets, and all bicycle brake-related spare parts and products.

The Avid motto is ‘Small details, big difference’ and this shows in every single Avid product. Since 1991, Avid has been working hard to bring you the industry’s most dramatic improvements and enhancements.

The first product Avid ever made was the Micro Adapter, which opened up a whole new range of low gearing options to mountain bikers. In 1992 Avid introduced the Tri-Align, the world’s lightest V-brake. It was the start of Avid’s carreer as leader in the development of modern rim brakes and disc brakes.

Safety is paramount in cycling and a pair of reliable brakes goes a long way towards ensuring that safety. These days a lot of bicycles and mountain bikes are equipped with disc brakes, but not all disc brakes are of the same quality. Your brakes shouldn’t stop working properly (or not work at all) when it rains. Fortunately, Avid disc brakes offer the security and control you need. After all, it's no accident that Avid is market leader in disc brakes and brake handles.

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