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Ik bestel hier nooit meer!! Als je iets vraagt en ze weten het niet dan zeggen ze maar wat en kan de klant het zich zelf uitzoeken. Geen verstand van de dingen die ze zelf verkopen. Beloven dat het goed komt maar nee hoor....komt helemaal niet goed, terwijl na een beetje googelen de oplossing heel simpel was geweest.
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Twinny Load
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Twinny Load Bicycle Carrier E-Carrier 2 Bicycles

Twinny Load Bicycle Carrier E-Carrier 2 Bicycles
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Twinny Load Bicycle Carrier E-Carrier 2 Bicycles

Product Model:286935
EAN Code 8712405130542
£ 234.86
£ 234.82
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Product Information

This very stable bicycle carrier for 2 bikes is directly attached to the tow bar using a swifel coupling.
Also suitable for e-bikes.
The bicycle carrier comes with a 13-pin 12V connector and has a 2 year warranty.
The maximum loading capacity of the bicycle carrier is 60kg.
The e-Carrier is tiltable, so you can access your trunk, even when the bikes are on the carrier.
Can be locked to the tow bar using a lock.
Attachment of the bikes is also lockable.

RDW approved (E4-26R)
Ready Made in box: Semi
Material: Metal / Plastic
Size in use: 880x620x290mm
Packing dimensions: 1200x800x250mm
Link on hitch: Swing link
Tiltable: Yes, manual
Foldable: No
Carrier weight: 16kg
Net. capacity: 60kg
Number of bicycles: 2 (electric) bikes
Carrier lockable to vehicle: Yes
Bike lockable to carrier: Yes
Lighting: Yes (5 mode), with 13-pin connector
Wheel Gutters: Plastic
Wheel mount: Quick Release
Warranty: 2 years

Twinny Load
Technical Specifications

Brand: Twinny Load
Group: Bicycle Carrier
Size: 880x620x290MM / 2 Bicycles / 16
Category: 62.79.13054
Specifications: FRAME Attachment Metal/PVC Tilt Function On Manual Control MAX. Loading Capacity: 60KG
Color: Black/Silver

Supplier Info

Twinny Load develops and manufactures bicycle carriers. It employs over 40 people with disabilities who enthusiastically participate in all stages of the bicycle carrier production process. Twinny Load was founded in 1984 and has earned an excellent brand reputation. Twinny Load bicycle carriers are high-quality, sturdy and 100% reliable. It’s no accident that Twinny Load has already sold over 1 million bicycle carriers.

If you’re looking for a system that’s easy to mount, Twinny Load is just the thing for you. The Twinny Load typically fits 2 bicycles, can be mounted without using any tools and weighs roughly 12 kilos. If you want to transport more bicycles, there’s also the extended Twinny Load Traditional 4-Bikes model. If you’ve got e-bikes or regular bicycles, you might go for the Swing, the Ergo FFK, or even the exclusive BikElift. There’s a suitable Twinny Load for everyone.

Twinny Load has been producing bicycle carriers in Holland for over 25 years. It strongly feels that price, quality, safety and userfriendliness should all be consistent  and that customer satisfaction should be nothing less than 100%. That’s why they also offer the best service possible.

Twinny Load
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