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Axa Plug-In Cable RLS Ø10mm 115cm - Black

Axa Plug-In Cable RLS Ø10mm 115cm - Black
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Axa Plug-In Cable RLS Ø10mm 115cm - Black

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Product Information

The AXA RLS115 Plug In Cable is used in combination with the frame locks AXA Fusion, Defender or Solid Plus.

The RLS115 offers an extra barrier against bike theft because your bike is locked to a fixed object such as a street light or fence.
The very compact size makes it easy to transport and is most suitable if the object for locking is close to your bike.

Note: Safety level is only applicable in combination with AXA Fusion, Defender or Solid Plus frame lock.

Technical Specifications

Type Lock: Plug-In Cable
Category: Cable Lock
Color Specific: Black
Brand: Axa
Primary Base Color: Black
Type: RLS 115/10
Length cm: 115

Brand: AXA
Group: Lock
Type: RLS
Size: 115cmx10mm
Category: 59501195SC
Specifications: Plug-In Cable T.B.V. Defender, Solid plus &Ampere; Fusion
Color: Black

Supplier Info

AXA manufactures bicycle locks in all shapes and sizes, such as chain locks, cable locks and frame locks. But it also produces bike lights (headlights, rear lights, dynamos) and chain and dress guards.

AXA Stenman Industries has a long and rich history dating back to 1902. The company established the basis for one of its two most successful core businesses in the 1920s, when it started making and selling hardware. Some 20 years later, AXA introduced a bicycle frame lock. This marked the beginning of a new range of bike parts, the company’s second core business.

Today, AXA STENMAN is the proud owner of production facilities in the Netherlands, France and Poland. Their sales offices are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Poland and China.

AXA is at your service worldwide. AXA, unlocking your future!

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