KMC Bicycle Chain Z8S 1/2 x 3/32 6/7/8V Silver/Grey

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Product Information

KMC chain Z8S t, 1/2 x 3/32, 6-/7-/8-fach 7.1 mm, no-tool assembly, nickel plated Z-bridge outer plate ensures maximum shifting performance, 116 links silver / gray stock number BXZ8S016

KMC Chain

Chains, chains and more chains: it’s what KMC does.
KMC uses its extensive experience to manufacture the best bicycle chains currently available.

Charles Wu, KMC’s founder, began making his first bike chains in 1977.
Then in 1996, KMC Chain Europe BV was founded in order to improve service levels for European customers.
KMC has had an office located near Heerenveen (Netherlands) since 1999.
Today KMC Chain Europe BV is run by 7 people, who manage the distribution of KMC bicycle chains all over Europe.

The KMC Group is currently the largest bicycle chains manufacturer in the world.
KMC employs over 4.500 people around the world, spread across 9 factories and 4 sales offices.
KMC produces chains for a number of leading brands.

If the product isn’t good enough for KMC, it’s not good enough for you.
How does KMC know what customers expect of their products? Easy!
KMC works with professional test riders, but KMC employees also do plenty of testing themselves.

Since KMC only manufactures bicycle chains, its production department is entirely focused on this product and thus able to produce the very best bicycle chains.
Service, quality and faith in their products is top priority at KMC.

KMC: always the right choice!

KMC Chain
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