Lief Bicycle Saddle 12/20 Inch Brown

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Lief! Bicycle saddle

Comfortable bicycle saddle with shock absorbing springs.
Suitable for bicycles with a wheel size of 12 to 20 inches
Saddle cover: Plastic
Filling: Foam
Color: Brown

Type Saddle: Children´S
Filling: Foam
Target Group: Uni
Category: Saddle
Color Specific: Brown
Brand: Lief!
Material Cover: Plastic
Primary Base Color: Brown

Have you noticed how the streets are starting to look a lot more cheerful lately with Lief! Lifestyle bicycles? Lief! is a brand with colorful bikes for all ages. You’ll want to own one of these! Going for bike rides, a picnic surrounded by sheep and their young, or just enjoying the lush Dutch countryside will be more fun than ever!

The new Lief! range of bikes is as Lief! as you can get. They’re typically Dutch bikes and bike accessories in fresh, trendy colors with modern designs. Lief! recently introduced a new line of tricycles for boys and girls, a great addition to its existing line of scooters and balance bikes. It has also introduced a number of great new accessories. A new range of panniers to match the Cortina bicycle range and new wicker baskets with a fabric inlay, especially designed specially for Lief!. With these accessories among others, each Lief! bikes is as pretty as a picture.

Originally a perky children’s brand famous for its Lief! and Stoer! printed t-shirts, Lief! Lifestyle has become a wide-ranging brand for both kids and adults. Lief! makes the best children’s bikes and accessories imaginable!

Children are generally taught to ride a bike at an early age. The right size bicycle allows for a comfortable and safe riding position for children and teens, and stimulates maximum performance of the muscles. Aside from being less tiring and preventing overexertion of the knees, the right size bike encourages regular bike use and cycling in general. This size is usually based on the wheel diameter.


Children's Bicycle Size Chart

Age (Years)

Clothing size


Recommended Children's Bicycle Size

2 - 4

98 - 104

±95 cm

12 inch

3 - 5

100 - 106

±100 cm

14 inch

4 - 6

104 - 110

±105 cm

16 inch

5 - 7

110 - 116

±110 cm

18 inch

6 - 8

116 - 122

±115 cm

20 inch

7 - 9

122 - 128

±122 cm

22 inch

8 - 12

128 - 140

±130 cm

24 inch

10 - 14

140 - 152

±145 cm

26 inch






This sizing chart for children's bicycles is based on age and length. Not everyone is the same length at a certain age, so it’s advisable to determine the bicycle size based on length. The most important factor in determining the right bike size, is the inseam length.





Inseam Length

Recommended Bike Size


120 - 140 cm

<52 cm

16 inch

52-74 cm

20 inch


24 inch


140 – 160 cm

<62 cm

20 inch

62-80 cm

24 inch

>80 cm

26 inch


<74 cm

24 inch

>74 cm

26 inch

Most children that are 120 to 140 cm tall can ride a 20 inch bike, while children between 140 and 160 cm tall can ride a 24 inch bike. A 26 inch bike is generally suitable for teenagers who are over 160 cm tall.

The right frame height is also very important: it is the first step to finding the correct riding position. A bicycle frame that is too small or too large can lead to limited height adjustment options, which in turn may lead to an inconvenient height difference between the saddle and handlebars. Use the inseam length to determine which frame size is right for you. You can do this by measuring the inside of your leg, from the top of the thigh down to the floor.



Adult Bicycle
Size Chart



Approximate Inseam Length



Recommended Frame Size


66 cm

43 cm

74 cm

48 cm

77 cm

50 cm

78 cm

51 cm

80 cm

52 cm

83 cm

54 cm

85 cm

55 cm

86 cm

56 cm

89 cm

58 cm

91 cm

61 cm

93 cm

65 cm

Choose the frame size closest to your results. When in doubt, it’s best to pick the smaller frame size. If you have any questions about determining the right bicycle size, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Lief Lifestyle
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