Humpert Saddle Quick-Release 6X50 Aluminium

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Quickrelease for seat tube

Size 6X50mm
Material: Aluminum.

Brand: Humpert
Group: Seat Lifter
Size: 6x50
Category: 60218000
Specifications: Aluminum QUICK-RELEASE
Color: Silver

Humpert and X-act make bicycle handlebars, bicycle mounts, bicycle accessories, tools - pretty much anything bicycle-related. 

Since it was founded in 1918, Humpert has focused its operations on developing and manufacturing high-end bicycle parts. 
The company is well-known for its handlebars and has played a prominent role as a leading supplier in the cycling industry for many years. 
Several millions of handlebars are manufactured every year. 

Innovation is the company's engine for product development and manufacturing. 
Humpert is very flexible when it comes to the customer’s wishes and its modern facilities guarantee high quality for both large-scale and small-scale orders.

Humpert & X-act
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