Zipp Sticker Set 808 Transfer Matt Black

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Transfer Stickerset Zipp 808 Matt Black Without Border
Zipp sticker set for 1 wheel, suitable for zipp 808.


Brand: Zipp
Group: Hub Part
Type: 808
Category: 11.1918.015.003
Specifications: Front Or Rear
Color: Matt Black
Article Packaging: SET

Zipp’s success story doesn’t revolve around wheels, handlebars or cranksets: it’s about people. It’s the story of the intensive collaboration between people with different backgrounds - from Tour de France winners and Ironman champions to engineers and scientists. The story of hours, days, months of working and analyzing everything in great detail in order to produce the very best wheels and bicycle components on the market. No other company in the world puts as much time and energy into the optimization of a bicycle wheel.

Zipp means quality, innovation, durability, speed and improved performance, but most of all it means passion. Get the best and brightest in aerospace engineering, Formula 1 and the chemical industry together, give them enough space to focus all their energy on designing wheels and what you get is the ultimate Zipp wheel with unique, patented parts.

For example, Zipp holds the patent for the most aerodynamic rim on the market: no other rim structure is as aerodynamic as the Zipp rim. Under an angle of 10 to 20 degrees (occurs in 85% of all weather conditions), Zipp is the absolute number one.
Its Golf Ball Rim Profile was tested in wind tunnels and saves up to 4 Watts of energy at a speed of at least 40 km/h, at a wind angle of 5 to 20 degrees (occurrs in 95% of all weather conditions). The idea came from the world of golf: small indentations in the surface of golf balls reduce air resistance, positively influencing the ball’s trajectory.

Zipp wheel sets are very rigid and stable, thanks to patented VLC technology (shock absorption) and the thin layer of foil between the wheel’s carbon layers, which increases shock absorption by 10 to 12 percent. As a result, cyclists absorb fewer unwanted shocks and muscular exertion and lactate production in the body are reduced. In short: these wheels improve your performance! Furthermore, this technology allows for better grip on the road for superior cycling performance with increased comfort.

Zipp has the patent on M2CM technology (Multi-Material Co-Moulding). Through this technology, the aluminum rim is bonded with the carbon rim in the mold for maximum braking performance.
Zipp uses different types of carbon (uni-directional and multidirectional) where necessary, since they each have their specific qualities. The welded aluminum rim ends simply can’t be broken.
The perforations in the rim are angled in the direction of the hub so that there’s no tension where the spoke exits the rim. As a result, the nipples in the carbon rim can’t tear.
Sapim CX Ray spokes are the best spokes on the market. Thanks to their flat shape, air resistance is reduced and the carbon rim is made waterproof. The rims are also equipped with additional carbon reinforcements and kevlar weaves at 15 centimeter intervals. This is a unique procedure.

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