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Sparta Battery Upgrade B-300 To B400

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Product Information

With this upgrade the B300 Battery is replaced by the B400 Battery.

The capacity of a B400 Battery
400 Wh
Range* 29-143 km

Only available in combination with the purchase of a bicycle!

Every battery has a so called Battery Managment System (BMS) which controls the electric system and the safety of the e-bike. The same system is used in electric cars, only much bigger.

The newer e-bikes are equipped with lithium-ion-batteries which have more capacity and are more stable than older batteries. This type of battery has less problems with self-discharge.

We recommend a thrifty use of the battery. If you don't, it might shorten the life expectancy of the battery. We always say that a battery has to keep on moving. So you will have to charge it, use it, and charge it again. If your not using your Sparta E-Bike, remove the battery and charge it before you put it away for a longer period of time.

Every battery loses capacity, the older they get. The life expectancy of the battery also depends on the way you use it. The average life expectancy of the battery, when used properly, is four or five years. This battery, like any other battery, is not suitable for extreme cold or extreme warm weather. So leaving your battery in a cold garage during winter time, is not recommended.

To increase the range of your e-bike you might consider the following things:
- Charge the battery up top 100%
- If your cycling with a low level of support, the battery will last longer.
- To spare the battery even more, pump up your tires really hard, this will give your bicycle less resistance.
- Try to use the right gear, to make sure that your own energy input is optimal.
- The range of the battery also depends on weather conditions (headwind/tailwind) and the terrain your cycling ong (flat even roads/up hill)

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