Isostar Bar Multifruit 3-Pack

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Product Information

High Energy Bars contain a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates, which provide energy during intense and sustained exercise, to maximise the store of carbohydrate energy. They are rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, C and E:- vitamins B1 and PP contribute to converting food to energy.- vitamins C, E and B2 are involved in the antioxidant protection of cellular components. They are also low in lipids and so more digestible

Isostar was founded in Switzerland in 1977 and introduced the first sports drink specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes. 

Since the beginning, Isostar has striven to support athletes at every level by offering them the best nutritional solutions in order to help them outdo themselves and reach their goals. 

Isostar surrounds itself with a team of experts, such as nutritionists, technical directors, sports coaches, research engineers and world-class athletes, to optimize its product ranges and make an active contribution to the development of new products. 

Isostar has also put together a pool of partnering athletes from various disciplines (athletic walking, marathon, triathlon, track cycling, etc.) with whom they hold regular discussions about their requirements for sports nutrition, specific to their sport. 

With its Clean Engagement guarantee, Isostar has undertaken an overall approach to social and environmental responsibility. 
This commitment is involved at all levels. 
On each packaging material, the logo commits us to social and environmental responsibility. 

Isostar: Expert in sports nutrition.

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